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So, if you’re staring at a page titled “About Me” I’m guessing you’re trying to find out more about me. Well, let me start by introducing myself…

My friends call me the International Man of Mystery, but you can just call me the International Man of Mystery. How did that moniker come about you ask? Well, it started while I was working full time and going to school for my MBA. As part of the MBA program, and some vacation time I tacked on, I traveled to nine countries in six months. At the same time I had just moved to Columbus, OH and started a new job. Of course as I was getting to know my new co-workers I would drop references to my time in India or China or some other exotic locale during normal conversation (Hey, it’s what was happening in my life at the time). Anyway, I was anointed the International Man of Mystery since it seemed like I was always abroad and treated my travels like they were no big deal (If you’ve ever traveled that much in a short period of time you’d understand).

Now that we’ve gotten the introductions out of the way I’ll just say that I love to travel and using travel as means to learn and experience different culture and viewpoints. I also love to laugh, and I’ve got a very sarcastic / smart ass sense of humor. Hopefully all this comes through in my writing to some extent or the other and doesn’t have anyone cringing or ticked off.

As for this website, my intent is provide a place for me to write about and share my travels with friends, family, and anyone else willing to put up with my ramblings, rants, and other nonsensical commentary. I also thought I might use this as an opportunity to share some travel tips and suggestions both in general and for specific places. Quite a few people (okay, maybe it’s been less than a few) have asked me for this info. over the years, and I thought it might be beneficial to have it all collected in one spot for anyone, including me, to reference in the future.

So, go ahead and take a look around. If you like what you see or have your own travel tips and suggestions you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment. If you don’t like something, well too bad (just kidding, I guess you can leave comments too).


- The International Man of Mystery

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