A Day in the Hanoi Work Life

5:00 AM Wake up to rooster crowing

5:01 AM Roll over and try to fall back asleep

6:40 AM Alarm goes off, hit snooze button

6:45 AM Alarm goes off, hit snooze button

6:50 AM Get out of bed and take ice cold shower (helps with trying to cope with the sweating caused by excessive heat and humidity)

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Where I’ve Been

I thought I would put this post out there to help you and me. It seems like every time someone asks me what countries I’ve been to I struggle to name the last few. Invariably my stare becomes more blank as I struggle to remember some random country in Europe, the person loses interest, and I spend the rest of the evening with the same blank stare on my face. Maybe it’s the alcohol or the creep of age, but I thought putting everything into one place with a handy little map would be the best solution for avoiding the blank stare. I’ll keep updating the list as the number of countries continues to expand.

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