A Day in the Hanoi Work Life

5:00 AM Wake up to rooster crowing

5:01 AM Roll over and try to fall back asleep

6:40 AM Alarm goes off, hit snooze button

6:45 AM Alarm goes off, hit snooze button

6:50 AM Get out of bed and take ice cold shower (helps with trying to cope with the sweating caused by excessive heat and humidity)

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What I’m Looking Forward To

The trip is planned. Almost everything is booked. All that’s left is packing and tying up loose ends. Considering I have some time on my hands, I thought I might take a moment and reflect on the things I’m most looking forward to most over the next five months. Here’s what I consider my top ten:

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Setting Up Base Camp: Mom, I’m Home!

In my last blog post I explained how I came about being unemployed by choice. Now its time to delve into two more questions that come up quite often: 1) Why in the world would I willingly leave Columbus and move back in with my parents after being on my own for  almost fourteen years? And, 2) Why leave the workforce and travel the world in the middle of the current job market? Let’s start with the second question first because it will help answer the first question, too.

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Around the World in 5 Months

On June 17, 2012 I leave for a 5 month trip around the world. Here’s the itinerary, which I think is insanely awesome. Since the question has already come up, I planned the whole trip myself and I’m using airline miles and hotel points wherever I can to cut down on cost (shameless plug: You can check out my travel resources page to see what sources I used to book everything). As for selecting the locations, it was a combination of where the volunteer programs are located, different small group trips I’ve wanted to take for awhile, and filling in the blanks with other locations and things I’ve always wanted to visit. My goal is write 2-3 blog posts per week to keep everyone updated on life on the road – and to let me parents know that I’m still alive. If anyone has suggestions on things to see and do along the way, feel free to share in the comments below.

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